Favorite Vintage Haunts

When shopping for vintage finds, the stretch along Queen East between Leslie and Broadview is hard to beat. My favorite shops include:

GUFF - or Great Used Furniture Finds. These guys have it down, right. Their prices are fair, product moves fast and their blog is great.

Zig Zag - The purveyor of Zig Zag has a little more “upscale” and discerning feel, but also bar-none when it comes to selection. Easy to talk to about his stuff, too.

Machine Age Modern - Jake has been a fixture on the block for quite some time, with a very minimalist and modern shop. Once again, great knowledge of stuff, and fantastic selection. Recently saw gorgeous vintage Swan Chairs that were snapped up too fast.

Philz - further towards Broadview, packed full of a wide range of mid-century and modern pieces.

Highway 11 - opened by the former owner of Ethel, a little shop beside the Sushi Marche. Little shop does not mean a little selection. Great finds inside.

Ethel - who could forget? One of the originals - still open, new owners, same love and admiration for great MCM stuff.

Go out for a stroll. New shops come and go, the main guys stick around. Lots of good finds so keep your eyes open!


Craigslist - good for what?

Craigslist is a wonderful place. It’s wonderful in its stubbornness, its lack of originality but also its comprehensive nature. You can truly find anything you need if you are patient enough. One great tool I have found is the use of a reader application. Google reader, for example, will bring all the most recent postings from any topic/item for sale I’m looking for into one neat package. You can use any RSS reader/feeder, but I use google because of gmail, picasa, calendar, etc.

How does google reader work?

Say you’re looking for a vintage, credenza. One pop onto craigslist toronto and you’ll find many options:

Problem is there are many entries per day/week, and after looking you haven’t found what you want. On the bottom of each search page is an orange box with RSS in it. Click on it, and you may subscribe to the “feed” or the search in any RSS reader. I select Google Reader and voila. will be your next visit, where you can search for, and see, what the most recent postings are and what people are selling.

Craigslist has its down points - spam, items that are of no value and should be thrown out - but eventually if patient enough you could find that amazing Montauk couch, or Ligne Roset table, for half or less than retail!

Happy Craigslisting and RSSing!

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