Repeat Buyer

You've already experienced the ups-and-downs with buying your first home. Now it's time to move. What are your options? Is it better to stay with your current financing company or go elsewhere, for a better rate? Will there be a penalty? How much time between buying and selling do you have? So many questions.

And so many answers.

We at mortgagejake pride ourselves in figuring out the whole picture, for you, the repeat buyer. It doesn't matter if you are upsizing, downsizing, keeping your current house, buying a rental, a second home, or investment commercial property. The most relevant issue is how to maximize your borrowing power when making this move. Repeat buyers are a different type of client for us; you're already well educated in the market, you may have different ideas from experience. As a result, we custom-tailor a plan for your next move. No one client is the same, and we realize that.

“We weren't aware of the ability to add rental income to qualify, and with Jake's help were able to purchase an investment property above what we thought we could afford”
--BARBARA, repeat buyer in Toronto, 2009

If buying and selling, allow us to help you figure out whether your best option is to stay with your lender, or move on. Let us help you figure out how much time you have to buy and sell, and address bridge financing options. If buying a secondary property, while keeping your primary residence, let's look at the big-picture with a long-term view of what will suit your needs not just today, but down the road. Our experience will help you make the proper decisions, and ensure a smooth transaction from offer to closing.