Why A Broker?

It's 2014. Do you really want to bother going to a BANK, make an appointment, wait in the waiting area and read brochures about how they have your best interest (pun intended) at heart? Then, you deal with someone who may or may not call you back, has only one range of products to offer you, and if you don't fit in the sliver of their qualifying rules and guidelines, you're given a firm handshake and a "sorry I coudln't help" smile.

Guess with. In 2014, almost 30% of people are choosing to go The Broker Way, the highest in 5 years and trending up. Amongst first-time buyers, 42% are choosing The Broker Way, while 36% of those between 18-34 are as well. A good broker will fight tooth & nail for your deal. Will help you choose the best lender, the best strategy, and the best long-term plan for your borrowing. A good broker is licenced and regulated by FSCO (whereas the banker you're dealing with isn't). 

For me, this is all I do. I have over 10 years experience doing it, I have a passion for it, and I have a deep thirst to know more. Every deal is unique and different and every client deserves my full attention and creative capacity to come up with solutions. 

But how do I pay you? How much is it?

This is the best part - in 99% of cases, it is free. Why 99%? If your mortgage is with a lender such as Home Trust or Equitable Bank (a "B" lender), they charge fees. But in the case of my specialty: "A" business, where we can go to any & all lenders, I get paid BY the lender, never by you. As such, my deep experience, connections and knowledge go a long way to securing you the best deal possible.

Try The Broker Way if you haven't, or ask someone who has. Any one of my 1000+ clients will tell you; they won't go back.


Glowing Review

Just received this glowing review from a first-time buyer I have been keeping in touch with:

"As a first time home buyer I had a lot to learn, be wary of, and be excited about all at the same time. I was introduced to Jake by my real estate agent and I went on faith and this recommendation...I couldn't have been happier with the experience! With the guidance, expertise, and wisdom Jake provided, I was able to make educated and confident decisions about my mortgage and what was best for me both in the short term, and in the long term. He was very patient, kind, and helpful in helping me secure my mortgage, a great rate, and a term that best suited me. Jake made making the purchase of my home painless and actually enjoyable. He continues to provide me with value by updating me (via email/twitter, etc.) on important news items I should be aware of, current trends in the market that might affect me in the future, and generally to see how I'm doing in my new home. I can't thank Jake enough and would certainly recommend his services to friends and family looking at purchasing a new home."
-Andrew S
Toronto, ON

Review Time! Thanks to Sean and Stephanie.


If you require mortgage financing, you can trust Jake, to help you and get the job done! He made the whole process a smooth and hassle free experience.

Guiding us step-by-step, on what to do next, what documents we needed to have for him,

to help him help us, get the financing we needed.

We were in a tight situation, and needed to refinance our condo, to consolidate debt and just get some breathing space.

He was able to find a lender that would accept our unusual income situation.

After it was all said and done, we really have much thanks for Jake, for making it happen.

We really appreciate the time and effort that he devoted to us, in our time of need.

In the future, we will work with him again!

Thanks Jake! We appreciate you!


-Shawn T. with Stephanie W.

Toronto, ON